Daughter of Hades Receives 5 Star Rating

Mack Little did an incredible job

I love a good romance, and this one hit the spot for me. Historical
romances can be cheesy, but author Mack Little did an incredible
job. Dinny’s character was smart, vulnerable, yet very courageous
at the same time. Lei, on the other hand, was very sure of himself
and his abilities. He was ready to fight the world for Dinny and
support her regardless of whatever came her way. They had a
family on The Hades, and they all supported each other. The author
added multiple dimensions to the story with new characters and
many twists and turns. The pace of the story was fast, but it was
not too fast to give me whiplash. I had every opportunity to enjoy
the story, enjoy the character development, and hold my breath in
the ending scenes.

~Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Mack Little writes with rich detail and sensitivity

Daughter of Hades does not disappoint. It touches all the bases of a
great historical romance tale, with a person of color as the main
protagonist, checking all the boxes of an ideal romantic heroine.
Mack Little writes with rich detail and sensitivity. It isn’t much about
swashbuckling action and beautiful people trading body fluids, but
it focuses on the plight of people escaping slavery. The Golden Age
of Piracy at the height of the Atlantic slave trade becomes a
creative and inspiring source for Little to write about black people
that depicts their genuine struggle. Moreover, Daughter of Hades
explores not only heterosexual relationships but LGBTQ
partnerships as well. No one is identified according to a specific
gender type. This story has exceeded my expectations, and I highly
recommend that you read it too.

~Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Loyalty, love, honor, and survival…

Daughter of Hades by Mack Little is a tale of pain, machinations,
gore, loyalty, love, honor, and survival. The story was riveting and
the plot was outstanding. I want to applaud Mack for writing a very
descriptive novel that awakened my imagination. Also, it hit home
because the story featured my people, making me appreciate their
strength, reach, will, and how far they have come. I was
heartbroken, too, because slavery is evil. Even though the shackles
were off their feet, I don’t think the same goes for the mental
chains. This story was a cocktail of fact and fiction. Mack Little
developed powerful characters, and I loved Dinny, Ami, and
Ijemma, who were formidable and lethal in various aspects. Jimmie,
Ivan, the brave Pax and Kossi, and the fierce Leixiang were stars.
Thank you, Mack!

~Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite