Scions of Darkness

Pax is a French Huguenot escaping religious persecution under King Louis XIV of France. He arrives in the New World as an indentured slave and struggles toward freedom. As he does, his world collides violently with Ami, a maroon, who was born free. When her freedom is threatened, Pax becomes her most unlikely ally.  As they make peace with each other, they find love.

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Books I Read

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The Talented Mr. Ripley
it was amazing
Set in the fifties, there is a veneer of genteel behavior and a certain amount of naivete. However, beneath the surface of the idyllic blithe tone of the book, there is something dark and sinister–or someone, rather–Tom Ripley. He pres…
An Echo in the Bone
really liked it
As a reader who is thoroughly hooked on this series, I was delighted to encounter my most beloved characters again and I especially loved learning more about John Grey. I enjoyed seeing William grown into a man and soldier and Ian fall i…
The Apotheosis
it was amazing
I was hooked from the first page. Who could resist a story where the main character describes himself as a doctor, a scientist, a billionaire and a fledgling serial killer? I am, in turns, horrified and fascinated by his perversion of sc…
Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer
it was ok
Mildly interesting. Repetitive with Bundy rambling and evading questions. Kudos to the interviewers who were able to put up with his BS for so long.

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Unholy Spirit (Scions of Darkness, Book 3)

 Zenobia Grant enters into the world of her mother to assume her place among the Demons and Archfiends. While some welcome her with open arms and would elevate her to a position befitting the true daughter of Lylith, others find her very existence a threat. However, Zen only wants to find a place she belongs. As she explores the extent of her power, she discovers a darkness that could swallow her whole.