Scions of Darkness

The Historical Romance I am finishing up now has a working title: Daughter of Hades.  It is the first installment of the Love & Peace series. The following is the blurb.

Dinny Obosi fled the brutality of her captivity. Destiny delivered her into the arms of a cut-throat pirate who would give of his entire being to keep her safe. Lei,  fleeing the aftermath of his collapsed kingdom lives as a freebooter to survive. His destiny has drawn him across the world to his one true love. Dinny’s slavemaster will stop at nothing to get her back. Can the love of an escaped slave and a man without a country survive in a world determined to tear them apart?









Pax is a French Huguenot escaping religious persecution under King Louis XIV of France. He arrives in the New World as an indentured slave and struggles toward freedom. As he does, his world collides violently with Ami, a maroon, who was born free. When her freedom is threatened, Pax becomes her most unlikely ally.  As they make peace with each other, they find love.