In Revision

At last, I have completed the 2nd draft of the Daughter of Hades, though the final sentence remains elusive. As I work through revisions,  I have faith it will come to me. 

When I set out to write Daughter, I wanted and epic romance set in an actual historical context. However, with a black female as the primary romantic interest in 17th century Americas when the slave trade is nearing its peak, I knew there would be challenges.

However, through the course of my research, I learned of the bravery and heroism of free blacks that have not been addressed in commercial literature to any great extent. Great adventure and swashbuckling tale are

There was such pride shown by their descendants. I did not want to trivialize their accomplishments by creating a glossy veneer over their stories by romanticizing slavery.  So, elements of the story will be gritty but the love will be strong and the passion, steamy.

Daughter of Hades
Chapter 1: Leaving St. Dismas