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Arriving in Versailles, our group diverges from the crown heading directly to the palace. We take the back streets to a square with a gorgeous cathedral. Tour members, me included, stand around taking pictures while our guide unlocks the storage where Fat Tire keep their stash of bikes for these tours.


The first day, I struggle through the foreignness. I figure out my new surroundings usually by getting things wrong. I realize it’s part of the process of my becoming acclimated. The most important thing is not to panic. Do not get angry or frustrated. Just stay dogged and steady and fight the fatigue until there a time and place to rest.


The opening scene of The First Daughter takes place in Paris in a fictional hotel called the Colombe d’Or. However, other locations mentioned are not made up. I found some spots in Paris that were too provocative not to write about. For example,… Continue Reading →

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